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Green Frog Publishing: Hybrid Adult Coloring Books Review

Green Frog Publishing: The Adirondacks, Where We Live, Fractals and National Parks of the UK and Ireland Adult Coloring Book Review + Giveaway

One of the things that I love about coloring books is that they give you the ability to escape and visit places you may otherwise not see. Since I am such a fan of coloring, when I was approached by Green Frog Publishing to review their Hybird Adult Coloring Books, I was intrigued with such titles as “Where We Live” and “National Parks of the UK and Ireland”. 

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Crayola Signature Edition: Markers and Colored Pencil Review

Crayola Signature Edition: Brush & Detail Dual Markers and Blend & Shade Colored Pencil Set Review + Giveaway

As we head into the holiday season I have begun my quest into holiday cards. This year I have been admiring and wanting to learn how to do lettering. I have a couple of books and while these have been helpful, having the right writing implements makes all the difference.

Since I was young, I have loved Crayola products, and when I recently saw that they had released the Crayola Signature Edition of Markers, and Colored Pencils my interest was piqued.

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Fun and Friendly Calligraphy For Kids Review

Fun and Friendly Calligraphy for Kids: A Hands-On Guide to Creative Lettering Review + Giveaway

When I was young I had a lot of energy and not many places to direct it. Each year I write cards and notes, and each year I strive to make my handwriting better. I am always looking for books and step-by-step instructions to extend those skills. When I recently I received a copy of Fun and Friendly Calligraphy for Kids: A Hands-On Guide to Creative Lettering by Virginia Lucas Hart for review I was excited to perfect my abilities for future cards.

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Creating Art with Diamond Dotz and 5D Diamond Painting

 Everything You Need To Know About 5D Diamond Facet Art 

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Since I was young I have enjoyed crafts and I love discovering new skills and techniques to add to my growing list of skills.

Recently I discovered a new craft that uses resin facets to create a variety of different works of art – Diamond Painting. This relaxing and easy craft goes by a couple of names including 5D Diamond Painting, Facet Art, Crystal Art, Diamond Embroidery, Crystal Cross Stitch and Diamond Dotz.

The best thing about this craft is that with little instruction a magnificent piece of art is created! One thing I appreciate about Diamond Painting is the simplicity and ease – you simply grab a stylus, pick up a facet diamond and place it on the predetermined place.

Here I will show you what typically comes in a kit, tips for keeping those ‘diamonds’ safe and the best way to work through your projects in addition to some tips I have discovered to make this craft even more enjoyable.

The shimmer and shine is created by the flat facets on the geometric shapes, and the cuts allow each edge to reflect light.

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Quilty Box: Mini Box Review – November 2017

Quilty Box Mini – November 2017 Review

When I received the November Quilty Box Mini I immediately loved the fabric, and the ice cream pattern. I have always loved fabric that can be for almost any purpose and any gender and this fabric fits that description to perfection.  Continue reading

Quilty Box: Classic Box Review – November 2017

Classic Quilty Box – November 2017 Review 

Since I was little I have not been a filly girl, while I appreciate the pink shades, I appreciate blues much more. When I got married, I realized my conservative color pallet of blues would be perfect for a husband who is equally unfrilly!

The November Quilty Box included a wonderfully put together pallet of colors that any blue and neutral color fan would love. 

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Needleart World: Diamond Dotz Kit – Sweet Treats Review

Diamond Dotz Diamond Embroidery Facet Art Kit: Sweet Treats Review + a Giveaway

I have always been into crafting and creating something that I can add to my home with pride knowing I am the one who created the item. Generally I have stuck to a couple crafts including knitting, cross stitching and regular stitching, latch hook and scrapbooking.

A couple of months ago I was surfing around Instagram and saw a new type of craft available, called Diamond Dotz. The basic idea was the there was a group of symbols that correlated to a number and color of dotz. Once placed on the adhesive surface they would stick and then together create a beautiful image.The technique is refered to as a Diamond Facet Art Kit

I reached out to Needleart World to see about getting a kit to do a review and they were generous to send me “Sweet Treats” for review, and I have never been more excited to step outside my craft comfort zone.

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Quilty Box: Classic Box Review – October 2017

Classic Quilty Box – October 2017 Review 

One of my favorite colors is blue – I love all shades of blue and it can be light or dark. I love to find unique fabric and make quilted pillows and throws.

When I received the October 2017 Quilty Box I was pleasantly surprised to see a different fabric than I would ever purchase for myself but LOVED!

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Holiday Writing Helper Crayola Pen Giveaway

Holiday Writing Helper: Crayola Metallic and Doodle Scent Pen’s Giveaway

giveaway-of-doodle-scent-and-metallic-pens As we head into the holiday season it is fun to write envelopes, gift tags and cards with markers.

Since we are gearing for the holiday season we thought it would be fun to give away a couple of pen sets to help you write your way through the next couple months.

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Stampin’ Up: Crafting Forever Stamp Set Review

How “Crafting Forever” Became A Part of My Life + a Giveaway

My crafting began when I was young with simple coloring, until the day I drove my father crazy. See I was a mere 16 years old and grounded, I was beyond bored and began to drive my father crazy. I was such a nightmare that despite being grounded I was told to go to the craft store and “buy a hobby”. My budget was my imagination and desire, and I was nothing if not overwhelmed.

After about an hour I chose a paint-by-number and a latch-hook kit, which I did finish and with those seeds, the love of crafting was born. I have been addicted ever since, and I can not imagine my life without the crafts.

When I saw the stamp set Crafting Forever Rubber Stamp Set by Stampin’ Up I saw reminders of those first crafts that began the crafting fire inside of me.

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