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Paper Pumpkin: Bunny Buddies – March 2017 Kit Review

Paper Pumpkin – Bunny Buddies – March 2017 Kit Review + Giveaway

One of my favorite things about Spring is not only are the flowers in bloom with crispy air flowing through our lungs, it is the season of bunnies.

About 5 years, I lived on over 2 acres of land in the more rural area of town. One of my favorite things was when Springtime rolled around, and we would see hopping and fluff in our flower beds. I think bunnies are not only adorable, but they are also a wonderful mascot for this time of year.

Since the bunny is the unofficial official mascot, there is not better way to give Spring treats than in the March 2017 Paper Pumpkin kit “Bunny Buddies”.

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Make Your Mark on Spring 2017 with a Crayola Marker Giveaway

Make Your Mark on Spring  with a Crayola Marker Assortment Giveaway

crayola-marker-4-pack-giveawayThere is no better gift in the world than a new set of markers!

To help make your Spring colorful you can win an assortment of Crayola Markers!

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Elopement to Celebration – Celebrating Us DIY Style

Having our Cake and Eating it too – Our DIY Wedding BBQ

Jason and I have never been conventional people, and when we got married that was no different. One rainy day at the end of December of 2010 Jason called my during his break at work and asked if that approaching Thursday would be a good day to schedule our moment at the court-house.

While the call surprised me the over all conversation did not. We had made plans to get married and we had decided that we would go to the courthouse.

That Thursday came and went, and we did not tell anyone, and before we knew it we never found the right time. When we finally came clean to family and friends, almost 26 months had passed and a handful of people knew our secret – we were married!

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Smart-Fab: Disposable Fabric Sheets Giveaway

Smart-Fab: Disposable Fabric Sheets Giveaway

When I was at the Craft and Hobby Show last year, I came across a company called Smart-Fab. Smart-Fab is a rainbow of a fabric alternative that was full of color. Not only did the bright colors get my attention, but the material itself was so versatile and easy to use.

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Paper Pumpkin: February 2017 Kit Review

Paper Pumpkin – Another Great Year – February 2017 Kit Review + Giveaway

My entire life there is one thing that I enjoy doing – making and writing up invitations for parties. Truth be told sometimes I would have a party just so I could make invitations.

When my husband and I celebrated our marriage I went with an ocean theme since we live near the ocean and it was in the middle of summer. I made invitations with a beach and coastal themed and my thank you cards were vellum over a fish in ocean theme. The result was an invitation and thank you set that left an impression, and was unique.

As my birthday is approaching, well if you consider 5 months approaching, and I am already thinking about a party. Truth be told since it is an off year birthday (42) I had not planned on commemorating it, but when I saw the February 2017 Paper Pumpkin kit “Many Happy Birthdays” the party invitation adrenaline began.

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Crayola: Color Wonder On-The-Go Review

Crayola: Color Wonder On-The-Go Review + Giveaway

When I was young one of my favorite things to do when we were at restaurants was to color. There was something magical and special that while the adults talked about topics way above my head, I could be in my own world coloring. At times it would not matter how long the meal was as long as I had my coloring books.

The biggest challenge I had was the transportation of the coloring books and the coloring implements. I used bags, but if the crayons spilled out and were left in the car on a hot day, that would mean a new set was needed. After a while I got a smaller bag, and tried to condense everything I needed in a neat stack. Despite my best efforts, these methods never worked.

When I recently saw the Crayola Color Wonder On-The-Go sets, I wondered where they were all those years ago.

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Stampin’ Up: Day at the Beach Stamp Set Review

Stampin’ Up: Day at the Beach Wood-Mount Stamp Set Review + Giveaway

When Stampin’s Up released their new Celebrations Catalog and I saw a beach inspired stamp set I was filled with happiness.

The reason that I was filled with such happiness is that I live close to the Pacific Ocean and I try to share the ocean with the people I care about that do not live here.

Short of packaging and shipping beach sand, there is a couple alternate ways I share the loce of the coast starting with teh cards. I have a vast collection of beach and ocean inspired stickers, but have loved the look and personalization of stamps. This new Day at the Beach Wood-Mounted Stamp Set had every stamp needed to create a beach day on a card.

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The Hippie Hobby Box: DIY String Art Review

The Hippie Hobby Box: String Art Review + Giveaway

Whenever I have the opportunity to review a DIY box, I get excited since I am a crafter and DIY gal at heart.

Being a Do It Yourself girl, I do not see trash, I see an opportunity to up-cycle an item. The reality is that I am often busy, and at times do not get to do the things I set out to due to time constraints.

Each month when I receive the newest The Hippie Hobby Box I get excited because this is the simplest way to do a craft that I otherwise would not have the time to do. I noticed was this was a simple way to introduce DIY’ers to a craft they otherwise may not do. Each month the spirit of DIY and up-cycling are fused into one monthly do-it-yourself project with this monthly kit.

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Stampin’ Up: Watercolor Pencils Review

Stampin’ Up: Watercolor Pencils Review + Giveaway

Recently Stampin’s Up released their new Celebrations Catalog, and contained therein was a simple set of colored pencils. When I saw these, my first thought was that they would be a great addition to my colored pencil collection. As it turns out these are much more than colored pencils – they are Watercolor Pencils. These particular Watercolor Pencils go on like a regular colored pencil but have the ability to become watercolored.

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Love to Color – Valentine’s Essentials Duo Giveaway

Love to Color – Valentine’s Essentials Duo Crayola Giveaway

Crayola Opening PhotoJust in time for Valentines Day – a Crayola coloring duo will help you make your own Valentines for those you love.

Crayola is synonymous with coloring, quality and creativity and this set will add color and creativity to your life!

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