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EasyAcc: Mini 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

EasyAcc: Mini 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review + Giveaway

Some days the weather is so nice here that I take my laptop on the porch and I do my work. The only downside is that sometimes the silence can be echoing. It is those moments that I turn on music and it becomes my co-worker.

The downside to this is that the sound from my computer can be a little scratchy. When I recently got an email to review the EasyAcc’s Mini 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker I was excited to see if this would improve my overall sound experience.

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EasyAcc: 13000MAH Power Supply Review

EasyAcc: 13000MAH Power Supply Review + Giveaway

Since becoming a blogger I find that I wear my phone battery down more often than not. This is not a new problem, as I have always let my battery practically die before I will charge it. As I have mentioned in previous reviews of this kind, it has been suggested to me over the years that a portable battery of some brand would serve me well.

As luck and fate tend to align in my life, when I recently attended the Natural Products Expo I had the need for a battery. I had planned ahead and pre-charged a new EasyAcc’s 13000MAH Power Bank that I had gotten for review.

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YogDev: Yoga Wheel Review

YogDev: Yoga Wheel Review + Giveaway

yoga-dev-yoga-wheelThere is something I have noticed as I have aged – I get lower back pain more often than I would like. While I am yet to isolate the issue, I think it is the way I sit and the way I sleep at night. After a certain time in one position I find that I have a lower back pain.The one thing that helps is stretching the lower back, but getting the right angle and the right stretch can be difficult.

Since this seems to be more of problem with more natural solutions needed to solve, I have begun looking for alternatives and items that will help me optimize my stretch and my lower back.

I often mention that timing is everything and when I was recently approached by YogDev about their Yoga Wheel I thought outside the box and gave it a try for my sore back.

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