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Color Home Coloring Book Review

Coloring At Home: A Young House Love Coloring Book Review + Giveaway

Since becoming a home owner I have dreamt of all the things I can do to my house, from color and decorating. When I saw the Coloring at Home: A Young House Love Coloring Book I thought this would be a great way to experiment with color without having to make a commitment.

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Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome – January 2018 Review

Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome: January 2018 Review

I am a firm believer that each day should have an element of pure randomness and fun. The best way to have some randomness is in the mail – each day is different and sometimes random and a surprise. Each month when I receive the Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome by That Daily my love of randomness is fulfilled. Each month no theme is chosen for this monthly box, but rather a selection of random gender neutral items that will undoubtedly meet a need of yours or a lucky recipient that you were unaware you had.

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Chalk Art & Lettering 101 Review

Chalk Art & Lettering 101: An Introduction to Chalkboard Lettering, Illustration, Design & More Review + Giveaway

As a crafter I love learning new techniques and having the ability to enact them into my daily crafting life. Handwriting is one of those things that I am always looking to expand upon and build my knowledge base.

I recently received a copy of Chalk Art & Lettering 101: An Introduction to Chalkboard Lettering, Illustration, Design and More by Amanda Arneill and Shannon Roberts for review.

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Love to Color: Coloring Book Quartet Giveaway

Love to Color – Quartet of Coloring Books Giveaway

Some of the best gifts you can give someone is the gift of creativity, and a moment to escape the noise and stress of life. One gift that combines creativity, and stress relief are coloring books.

I recently received a quartet of coloring books by Blue Star Premier and Paige Tate & Co. I thought that these would make the perfect gift for someone you love!

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Mini Monthly Box of Awesome – December 2017 Review

Mini Monthly Box of Awesome – December 2017 Review

As I have mentioned I love random mail and the best random mail is the the Mini Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome by That Daily Each month, similar to the regular Box of Awesome that is offered, there is no theme is chosen. Instead of theme a random selection of 2 – 3 gender neutral items are included in this white package.

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Cake, I Love You Review

Cake, I Love You: Decadent, Delectable and Do-Able Recipes Review 

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Lifestyle Public Relations. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

As much as I love to bake, I am honestly no good at decorating. The decorating is my one weakness and the one area I am always looking to learn and educate myself.

When I saw Cake, I Love You by Jill O’Connor, I saw an easy way to make the cakes I make beautiful. The book includes many recipes and ideas for seasoned bakers to beginner bakers and everybody in between.

Cake, I Love You offers 60 recipes that are organized by flavor profile such as banana, coconut, chocolate, caramel, spice, fruit, butterscotch, spices, citrus and cakes from the garden and orchard. From the level of difficulty, each chapter in this cookbook gives a wide range of cakes from easy weeknight sheet cakes to showstoppers that are layered with frosting and ganache. There are photos throughout so you know what your cake should look like.

Also of note, the author is a local a food columnist for the San Diego Union-Tribune and she lives in San Diego, California.

If you are looking for a easy to follow cake book that will have you baking by the weekend, get a copy of Cake, I Love You by Jill O’Connor.


You can purchase Cake, I Love You on Amazon

D.I.Y. Dollhouse Review

D.I.Y. Dollhouse: Build and Decorate a Toy House Using Everyday Materials Review & Giveaway

When I was young I always wanted a dollhouse. I just did not want a dollhouse, I wanted to MAKE a dollhouse. At the time I had no idea the time, effort or wood cutting involved, and my dream dollhouse never got built.

I was always thinking that there was a simpler way than the cutting, gluing and attaching that was involved. Flash forward many years later and I have finally discovered that easier way. The D.I.Y. Dollhouse: Build and Decorate a Toy House Using Everyday Materials by Alexia Henrion is the book I never knew I really wanted.

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Think Time: Journal Planner Review

Think Time: Purpose Planner Review + Giveaway

Most of my life works on a plan – I am always planning ahead. The planning encompasses my weekly shopping to 12 months ahead on the blog. I am always planning the editiorial calender and the topics that I will cover. It also helps to plan longer term goals, such as 5 year goals.

I used to put this planning in planners and calendars  and while I still love planners I have transitioned to liking the planning before the planing. Last year I used the Think Time Journal Planner and I enjoyed it all year.

This year the Think Time team changed the planner around, and switched the focus to the planning before the planner with the Purpose Planner.

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Fun and Friendly Calligraphy For Kids Review

Fun and Friendly Calligraphy for Kids: A Hands-On Guide to Creative Lettering Review + Giveaway

When I was young I had a lot of energy and not many places to direct it. Each year I write cards and notes, and each year I strive to make my handwriting better. I am always looking for books and step-by-step instructions to extend those skills. When I recently I received a copy of Fun and Friendly Calligraphy for Kids: A Hands-On Guide to Creative Lettering by Virginia Lucas Hart for review I was excited to perfect my abilities for future cards.

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InStyle Parties Review

InStyle Parties: The Complete Guide to Easy, Elegant Entertaining All Year Round – Review & Giveaway

Ever since I was a teenager I have loved planning parties. There is only one problem – I have a great idea but my execution always seems a bit off my imagination. I start off with lofty ideas, pinterest boards and boundless motivation, but I always fall short.

With the season of entertaining upon us I know I could use any party planning help I can get. With that said, I was thrilled when I saw the new book InStyle Parties: The Complete Guide to Easy, Elegant Entertaining All Year Round by the Editors of INSTYLE. Continue reading