Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review: July 2018

“Suns Out – Purrs Up” –Cat Lady Box – July 2018 – Review + Giveaway

When I received Cat Lady Box this month, all the items were geared for the warm summer months with a “Suns Out – Purrs Up” theme that me and the cats loved!

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of in consideration of a review, but all opinions are my own.

The July 2018 Box is summer appropriately themed with a “Suns Out – Purrs Up” box that contained the following:

Purrtoise Shell Sunglasses – CatLadyBox Exclusive: I love cats and have been needed a pair of sunglasses. For me there are no better glasses that protect my eyes from the sun and include cats!

Cat Travel Bag Set – CatLadyBox Exclusive: While I am not vacationing much these days, these are perfect bags. One drawstring bag which would fit anything from clothes to shoes, and the clear cat head shaped bag that would be perfect for makeup or accessories.

Sheet Peach Kitty Lip Gloss – CatLadyBox Exclusive: This is a subtle color while still adding color to your lips. The color is not overbearing and is perfect for a summer day!

Beach Towel Cat Mat – Purremium Cat Item – CatLadyBox Exclusive: Maggee is a fan of anything soft and this mat is soft and plush. One side has the cute tree/beach themed pattern while the other side is a solid creamy color. This is machine washable, which makes it the perfect mat for laying out in the puddles of sun that stream in.

CAT TOYS Cool Sun Cat Nip Toy’s – CatLadyBox Exclusive: Soft, catnip and sun themed makes for a perfect cat toy. Maggee and Murfee alternated between this, and even Meadow the dog enjoyed it, which is a win in our house.

Cat Lady Featured Artist – “Cat Silhouette” by gretzky I LOVED this months artist, and this postcard will finding a home in my new home while being added to my Cat Lady Postcard collection!

It is not a secret that I love these boxes and you can often find me wearing items I have gotten in past boxes (the Cat Lady Squad Cat Ears Hoodie). This box features so many Cat Lady Exclusive items that are unavailable otherwise, it makes this box a fun and exclusive adventure each month.

As an added bonus to the cat community each month donations is made to a different cat rescue each month. Cat Lady Box also gives subscribers an opportunity to nominate an organization to be a beneficiary of Cat Lady Boxes generosity.


Monthly subscriptions come in two options: CatLadyBox and Crazy CatLadyBox. For the CatLadyBox comes with 2-3 items for the human and are $34.99 – month to month, $102.99 – 3 month membership, $202.99 – 6 month membership. The second option available is the CrazyCatLady Box which includes the contents of the CatLadyBox and a couple treats for your feline and are $39.99 – one month membership, $115.99 – 3 month membership and $229.99 – 6 month membership.

Shipping is included in the cost each month for United States recipients (Florida residents add sales tax). Currently shipping to United States, Canada and the UK. For Canadians add $8.95 per box for shipping and for United Kingdom residents add $12.95 to the cost of the monthly box.


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GIVEAWAY: Cat Lady Box is offering 1 free month/box to my readers! I will be randomly choosing 1 person on August 8th, 2018 (8/8/2018) to receive one Crazy Cat Lady Box from Cat Lady Box!! Winner may receive current months box or next months depending on availability. This is a $39.99 value!! To enter complete the entries below! Open to residents in the US only. Winner will be notified by DealsAmongUs by email and prize will be fulfilled by Cat Lady Box! Remember you have 48 hours to claim prize, or I will choose another winner. GOOD LUCK!!!

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23 thoughts on “Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review: July 2018

  1. Gina Ferrell

    My cat enjoys the summer days by laying on the windowsill or laying outside on the back patio.

  2. jeri dickinson

    my cat just lays in the sunshine shinning in the door

  3. tat2gurlzrock

    They like to look out the window at the birds and squirrels.


    My cat enjoys summer days in the backyard with us. He loves to stay near the pool for a little bit.

  5. Natalie

    My cat loves to bathe in the sunlight by the window in the summer.

  6. ellen beck

    Our cats really like hanging out on the front porch with us. I have a flower garden nearby and they like watching the hummingbirds visit as well a watching the squirrels and the feral cat walk by on their way to eat and drink.

  7. John Smith

    “How does your cat enjoy the summer days?” My cat likes to sit on the veranda, or to take a constitutional!

  8. MD Kennedy

    My cat has 2 fave Summer acitivties: 1) Sitting on the windowsill watching the birds and bugs fly by and 2) waiting for the errant flies who get inside so he can catch them and eat them!

    PS: SO glad to have you back on your blog! I am sure many of us missed you and were thinking of you during your much needed time away.

  9. Megan Wilson

    She stays indoors and enjoys sitting in the open windows.

  10. Rebek

    My cat, Axel, stays outside all night, then he sleeps on my bed all day. I think he likes the cool air outside at night and the cool air-conditioned air inside at night.

  11. Michele Pineda

    Lila loves to lay out in the sun on the balcony and watch the birds and butterflies, and hunts moths at night. If it gets a little too hot, she comes inside and sprawls out on my bed so she can take her catnap.

  12. Brandy Jones

    My cat is an indoor cat only but she enjoys staying in her window in the sunshine and she loves catching moths that fly in from outside

  13. Jen R

    My cat loves watching the birds and rabbits in our yard during the summer days from the protection of his padded window perch.

  14. samantha a cox

    my cats are funny. The oldest one is 15… he’s the Walter Matheau of the group. Grumpy old man. My two girls are so hyper. Love my babies. They watch birds out the living room window.

  15. Maryann D.

    My cat loves to sit by our sliding door in the kitchen and sun bathe!

  16. EK

    my cat is so active and loveable id love to treat him to somethign nice.

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