47 thoughts on “Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review: January 2019

  1. John Smith

    “What is your cats favorite toy?” My cat likes to play catch with a rubber ball!

  2. Elizabeth Moeller

    My cat likes this round plastic thing with a cat scratcher in the middle and a ball that she can bat around the circle

  3. Dana

    Favorite toy – is something I didn’t buy 🙂 Things like the plastic circle off the milk jug

  4. ellen beck

    They all have a catnip ‘problem’ they all like any toy with catnip. The current favorite is a fish with catnip that can be reloaded. They throw it and kick it then love on it.

  5. Jennifer Reed

    My cat’s favorite toy is a caterpillar cat teaser on a stick. He loves to run and jump with it.

  6. Leah Shumack

    Those little balls with the bells inside of them. We go through more of those than any other toy!

  7. ellen beck

    Hope your trip is going great! Take some pics lots of them

    Dont know why thought this went until 2/14 I have paws crossed.


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