Bright Bopper: Light Up Cat Toy Review

Bright Bopper: Light Up Cat Toy Review + Giveaway

We have two cats, and with that two different personalities. One cat, Murfee, started his life very full of life and has he has gotten older (he is will be 5 in August of this year), there is notable slow down in high activity levels.

On the other hand, our other cat Maggee is full of life and full of playtime any time of day. There is literally never a time when she does not want to play, and it usually at full throttle.

When I recently was given an opportunity to review the Bright Bopper LED Light-Up Cat Toy, I was hoping the previous toy loving Murfee and always up for playtime Maggee would enjoy it.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Bright Bopper/Rosica Communcations, but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

I received a colorful assortment of Bright Bopper LED Light-Up Cat Toy‘s that included 2 each in orange, purple and green.

The basic concept of the  Bright Bopper LED Light-Up Cat Toy is that at one end it has a rubber ball that is attached to a double layer of netting that is flexible. Inside the netting, and close to the base of ball, out of the cats reach, is where the LED (the Light Emitting Diode) bulb sits.

As I know that Murfee likes toy’s he can grab and interact with, and with this he was able to. I never witnessed more than a toss or two, but the morning after I let him have the toy, it was across the house. This lead me to believe that the toy got some serious playtime once the humans went to sleep.

Maggee is a bit different in her toy approach, and it is a lot less clear than Murfeee. Maggee likes to investigate, sniff, paw and ponder her new toys. After I lit it up for her, she had a little interest, but overall enjoyed watching it fall off the couch.

This same pattern repeated itself with both cats for a couple of days, which leads me to my piece of advice – if your cat is playful they may enjoy this, if they are fat and lazy (ahem Maggee) this may not be the toy for them.

The Bright Bopper LED Light-Up Cat Toy says that it is a touch activated LED cat toy, but i had more success if I tapped the toy against the surface in front of me. It is easy to engage as all you have to do is press down on the netting ends and it springs back up. If you are lucky it will land on the rubberized end and bounce once or twice. The toy is lightweight that makes it easy for cats to manipulate in their paws and the foam ball is safe for chewing.

The toy has been out and available for Maggee and Murfee for a week and I have yet to see much movement from it. That being said, I do hear them in the night running around and playing with something, so it could be the Bright Bopper LED Light-Up Cat Toy.

If you have young cats, or kittens, I think that this would be the perfect way to expel some of that kitten energy.

What is your cat’s favorite toy? Tell us below!


The Bright Bopper retails for $19.99 for two sets of 3 and is available for purchase on


Click here to learn more about Bright Bopper

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39 thoughts on “Bright Bopper: Light Up Cat Toy Review

  1. AC

    Ugh. Driving me crazy! Haha. Nah, she enjoys playing with baby toys… seriously, they are better than cat toys, usually! I think she’d like this because it’s interactive and lights up… but also the size. I could totally see her carrying this toy around.

  2. charlene elswick

    My cats like to run the kitty cat 500 at 2 am and alert me when the food bowl is only half full

  3. Jen Dantuma

    Libby loves chasing the mouse laser light around the room, but she also likes to bat any cord, etc. that I’m rolling up.


    My sons cats favorite activity is seeing how high she can bounce off the wall.

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  6. Darcy L Koch

    My cat’s favorite activity is finding a new “spot” about every 2 weeks to sleep in. I swear he never fails to come up with a new place whether it’s in any type of container, a windowsill, etc.

  7. Nancy

    Lillian is our daughter’s tortoiseshell cat. Lillian’s favorite activity is eating!

  8. Cindy Ramirez

    My cat likes to EAT, haha. When she’s not eating, she loves to either play OR snuggle against my laptop when I’m working on it.

  9. thesunshyn

    One of our youngsters, Damascus, enjoys the heck out of simple plastic, cat-toy springs. He gets us to search under the couches for them every night and will play with them by himself half the night.

  10. Jaime (@BlogNWonderland)

    One of my cats loves being inside sleeping & play with his toys he has a big circle of toys in the living room he loves 🙂 My other cat is the opposite and loves being outside exploring our big yard, hanging out by the pond 🙂

  11. clynsg

    Aside from sleeping in various strange places, one favorite activity is sitting or lying directly in front of my computer screen!

  12. Shane A

    My cat loves to play in cardboard boxes. I love watching him jump in and out.

  13. Dina Lindquist

    My cats like toys with strings and they love to chase each other around the house.

  14. Tracy Shafer

    Mine are sleeping! I have a an 11 year and 2 that are 6, all they do pretty much is sleep or eat!


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