BALMSHOT: Lip Balm in Your Basket Spring 2017 Giveaway

BALMSHOT: Lip Balm in Your Basket – Spring 2017 Giveaway

Given that we have had such a swing in weather, my lips tend to be the unwitting victims of the wind. There is one lip balm that helps relieve mt worn lips, and that is my BALMSHOT Lip Balm.

Since each part of the United States has it’s own weather hurdles, the dried lips problem becomes an “every man” problem. Since I am a fan of giving things that have a practical purpose, there is no better item than lip balm.

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BALMSHOT is giving away 2 assortment packs including the following items that you can add to fill your basket this Spring:

Classic, Cool Mint, Pure Pink and Pure Pink Camo which are both vanilla mint

Natural Organic Pomegranate Lip Balm

Also included is a MINTYSHOT Cooling Breath Spray

BALMSHOT Lip Balms are all packaged in a shot-gun shell that has a tighter fitting cap and a smoother turning base, which helps prevent against accidents. Each of these lip balms offer protection against sunburn, windburn as well as chapped lips.

BALMSHOT would make a great gift and addition to Easter baskets, as well the chapped lipped among us.

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 GIVEAWAY: BALMSHOT is offering a lip balm assortment to add to your basket! (2) lucky winner’s will be selected at random to win 1 of each of BALMSHOT’s Lip Balms in the following varieties – Classic, Cool Mint, Pure Pink Camo, Pure Pink, Organic Pomegranate and a MINTYSHOT Cooling Mint Spray – This is a $25.00 value! I will be randomly choosing 2 people on March 31st (3/31/2017) to receive this lip balm assortment pack!! Open to residents in the US. To enter complete the entries below! Winner will be notified by DealsAmongUs by email and prize will be fulfilled by BALMSHOT, LLC. Remember you have 48 hours to claim prize, or I will choose another winner. GOOD LUCK!!!

Win a BALMSHOT Assortment to Fill Your Basket



70 thoughts on “BALMSHOT: Lip Balm in Your Basket Spring 2017 Giveaway

  1. Ann Fantom

    Here in the northeast, Spring is very green with mild weather. The only downside is heavy pollen that really causes my allergies to act up.

  2. Debbie Welchert

    There are days where we can open the windows and let the fresh air in and there are days where we have to run the furnace. It’s suppose to be in the 70’s tomorrow.

  3. Karen

    The weather isn’t that good here. Spring usually comes around the lst of May.

  4. Lorena Keech

    Well, we can have snow up until May. But we have had very little snow this year so I anticipate an early spring, and a very hot summer.

  5. Julie Bickham

    Well I live in New England, our weather is very crazy. So spring could be warm and sunny one day then cold and maybe snowing the next.

  6. amy guillaume linderman

    i’m near cleveland ohio…still getting 30’s and snow off and on

  7. Debbie Yoder

    We live in Wyoming so it changes all the time, mostly nice in the spring ,but can always count on getting some snow even up to the ist of June!

  8. Catherine Lewis

    In Michigan the temp is around 60 65 degrees and the tulips and iris’s start coming up early. The robins have already been seen in our yard.

  9. stephanie scales campbell

    I love spring here i am at its not to hot not to cold just right my favorite time of the year!

  10. Tiffany Schantzenbach

    The weather here in spring is usually just right, not too hot and not too cold. Perfect weather to be outside.

  11. Jen Dantuma

    The weather where I live is usually pretty wet and windy in the spring.

  12. Kira Alexander

    I live in Florida, and it is really nice here in the spring – warm but not too hot yet.

  13. Abigail

    In like a lion and out like a lamb! We often still get some snow at the beginning of spring

  14. Victoria Scott

    Here it’s nice one day, then rainy, then cold, then warm again – rinse and repeat!

  15. tat2gurlzrock

    Everything is blooming and it is in the 70’s. We didn’t really have a winter this year. I love these lip balms!

  16. Kimberly Singh

    In Texas it will be chilly one day and then 80 degrees the next day.

  17. Nicole Lancaster

    The spring weather in Tucson, Arizona is very warm usually 80-90 degrees.

  18. Dotty J Boucher

    Its still very cold, cold as in 29 to 45 degree cold. I am looking forward to a warmer day here.

  19. susan byrne

    Michigan is nice in the spring no to hot, no to cold. some rain here or there. Right now lately we have been having crazy warm weather, so who knows what’s gonna happen this spring, it could be totally different from last year. Just as long as it doesn’t snow I’m happy.

  20. joni taylor

    This is my first year in Oklahoma so I’m expecting tornados. Today it’s 80 outside and sunny but Saturday it will be cold again.

  21. MaryAnn

    It’s constantly changing. Two days ago it was 80 & sunny and today it is 30 & we have a freeze warning.

  22. Sandra Watts

    We have snow still so I hope things warm up for Spring soon. It has been seriously cold the last few days and last week I was going without a coat. I don’t know what the weather will do.

  23. clynsg

    Usually mild, sometimes with rain. However today (1st day of spring) it is expected that we will either match or break the all time heat record of 92. Doesn’t sound good for summer!

  24. Christy Peeples DuBois

    In Mississippi we may have a day with a high temp of 40 and the next day it’s 80. Today happens to be a gorgeous sun shining 80 degrees.

  25. Jeanne Coulombe

    Its never going to be spring here in NH ugh they are calling for more snow this weekend . Help I need spring!!

  26. BriAnna Nicole

    I live in Georgia & it’s very hot already, like summertime. Super stormy and there’s sooo much pollen! it’s terrible.

  27. hofken

    Spring is beautiful in Tucson; although, last week was a little warm. Back down into the 70’s this week.

  28. Charity L.

    Nice and warm with rain showers about every three days. Also raining pollen here!


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