90 thoughts on “Adult Coloring Essentials Trio Giveaway

  1. AshleyC

    I think at this point, I prefer to use colored pencils. They’re less messy and I like that i’m able to shade them much easier than any other medium (except for painting — but nobody wants to see one of those disasters that I create xD)

  2. Anne C

    I love colored pens because I grip them better and they color even the smallest detail. The crayons seems a little bit oily on my fingers and pen is just to saturated fro my liking.

  3. chrisg6430

    I prefer to use colored pencils because they are less messy and you have more control when coloring. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  5. Nicole Sender

    I prefer to use colored pencils because they are more exact and there are so many different colors.

  6. Cathleen King

    Crayons because they last long, but I do also love colored pencil as it works well when it crayons don’t.

  7. E moultray

    I prefer colored pencils, I just like the precision and the colors that I get!

  8. clynsg

    I use a combination, since each has a very specific look and variety of color and texture, which can be matched to whatever artwork is being done.

  9. rachael

    I love using EVERYTHING. Multimedia art is a fun style of art and can create some pretty awesome pieces of art work. Crayons are fun for blending, pencils are for more detail coloring, and pens…Well I just love bold bright solid colors. =)

  10. Audra O'Hara

    I like using pens because they are less likely to break. My daughter likes colored pencils (probably for the same reason.)

  11. betty

    I like to use color pencils in many of my art projects. I prefer color pencils because they are easy to bring along when I travel. thanks

  12. William W

    It really depends on the art project. I like colored pencils for blended work and crayons for high contrast and etching work.

  13. Valerie Mallette

    I prefer to use coloured pencils because I prefer drawing more detailed images and I just like how pencil looks on paper overall.

  14. Vikki Billings

    I prefer to use colored pencils because you can do shading, and I can press harder for deeper color or press lightly to get a more subtle color. I love using colored pencils.

  15. jsc123

    I prefer to use crayons when I color because I love to outline everything and then shade it with color.


  16. slehan

    It depends on what I’m coloring, which kind I’ll use.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  17. Leah Shumack

    I tend to like crayons more but it also depends on what I’m coloring. Smaller pictures I’ll use colored pencils. I haven’t tried the pens yet but have heard really good things!

  18. jeani b

    i like to outline with pens and color in with crayons. i like the crispness of the edges when i use pens and the ease of coloring with crayons.

  19. Caryn Coates

    I prefer coloured pencils but also love colouring with crayons. Brings back so many memories from my childhood

  20. Amy Deeter

    i prefer colored pencils because they are easier to draw with because of the fine point, and easier to write with as well because of the fine point

  21. Fleta Wright

    I can’t walk anymore and coloring is what my therapist recommended for me, Thank you for the chance!!!


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