Book Review Guidelines

Book Review Guidelines as of 3/25/2015

Thank you for considering me as a possible reviewer for your upcoming release.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you.

  • If you are interested in having me review your book please fill out the contact form below or email me: jennifer [at] dealsamongus [dot] com. In your email, please include the title, author, and a short synopsis (or a link to a page about the book).
  • I read and review from many different fiction/non-fiction genres including: Contemporary Fiction, Legal Thrillers, Medical Thrillers, Mystery, Romantic Suspense, Suspense, YA Fiction, Biographies, Humor, Entertainment, Woman’s Fiction, drug abuse/prevention/recovery and feminism. I am also open to other genres, please email me.
  • I DO accept indie, small press, and/or author published books.
  • I am honest with my feelings. If I do not like the book I am going to say that, but I will try to do it tactfully. (If I can’t finish a book, for whatever reason, I’ll notify the author/publicist/publisher as quickly as possible with an explanation for not being able to complete the book.)
  • If you have a specific time frame for your review to be published, please mention it in your request. If you do not stipulate a time frame then I will review at my own pace. If I receive a book before the publication date (an advance review copy), then I will make every effort to have the review posted prior to the release date or on any date agreed upon between myself and the author/publicist (this is subject to personal emergencies). If no date is agreed upon then the review may post upon completion of the reading to the best of my abilities
  • I will publish my review of your book on, as well as Amazon. If you have any other specific sites to post the completed review, please mention them in your request.
  • Reviews are usually posted within 6-8 weeks unless otherwise specified and/or agreed upon.
  • I am willing to arrange dates for interviews, press and promo through this blog. If you are interested in doing so, please have your publisher or publicist contact me at the email listed above or use the contact form.
  • All reviews are copyrighted by Permission to re-post any review will be granted to the author and/or publisher of the work reviewed and only with a link back to the original blog post.

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