3 thoughts on “A Mid January Update

  1. ellen beck

    Your trip sounds wonderful and a much needed break,
    Yep, construction jobs can ‘blossom’ sometimes though it is really worth doing those updates to make i worth it in the end.
    I knew Meadow would be ‘your’ dog quickly. Hopefully she stops the barking when people and pets approach and displays better manners for you. Maybe a couple of obedience classes will help if it becomes too much.
    Most of all taake lots of pictures and have fun!

    1. dealsamongus

      Yes, obedience classes are in her future. Im cutting her some slack given the year she has had.

      I will take lots of pictures and will be sharing them on the blog upon my return.

      It will be odd to not have the pets for a couple days but it will be nice to relax after the last 8 months i have had.

  2. Peggy

    Wow, you are doing a lot to that house. I am glad Meadow is becoming “your” dog. I like that you have a protector. Enjoy your trip.


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